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Business Intelligence

Om Consultancy helps businesses and industry to address their information management needs, leveraging the best strategies of information technology and develop the distinctive capabilities that are the fundamental building blocks of high performance. Om Consultancy's BI consultants possess deep technical experience across leading business platforms and tools to ensure effective delivery of the optimised BI solutions. Our BI consultants strive on supporting clients to collect and analyse external and internal data to generate value for their organisations.

Data Warehousing

Our data warehousing consultants can provide the clients with the following services:

Data Migration

We can provide an effective solution to your data migration needs. Our services range from supplying specialist data migration consultants to a full management service that can provide a complete migration solution.

By using sophisticated ETL tools, experienced consultants from our panel can help you achieve a professional migration, on time and within budget. Following are some of the services provided as part of data migration. Our clients can use some or all of the following components: